Sports day, one of the flagship days on our school calendar, is usually held on the Friday after Carnival. All students are encouraged to participate.

At St. Stephen’s College, we believe that our Sports Day offers the ideal chance to inspire those children who may not normally participate in sporting activities to do just that. Those students who may struggle academically may also strive in a sporting environment. We owe it to them, to ensure they can show off their talents, just as academic students do in the classroom!

Our ports day is a celebration of the sporting talent that we have to offer but the events go beyond the traditional track and field and include entertaining races such as the three-legged race, needle and thread and mathematics race and sack race – there is something for everyone!

Bringing the whole school body together for the day is a crucial aspect of a successful sports day. All stakeholders, parents especially, are invited to attend and support our students. Being involved in the day gives students the chance to understand and develop their ability to perform in a highly competitive setting, a skill that is highly required post-education and in most certainly, the workplace. What an incredible opportunity for students, staff, and parents to come together to support their children, friends or house!