Try these resources to find great books to read, in a wide range of genres.

Audible’s Free Audiobooks, for when you are tired and want someone else to do the reading.

Project Gutenberg: a free source of copyright-free eBooks. If youlove the Classics, this site is the one for you!

Amazon’s Teen and Young Adult Kindle books: The majority of the books here come at a cost but they also have free Young Adult books available here. However, what THEY may deem as “Young Adult” is arguable, so be prudent with the books you choose to get!

​​Novel Updates: a database of light novels that are being or have been translated into English from Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese. This site is wonderful, especially if you’re into Asian entertainment. Please pay attention to the tags on each book’s page: they let you know what kind of content it has so you can choose things you like— and avoid those you don’t!

Comixology and Webtoons are great reserves if you like to read graphic novels. Both sites have free graphic novels: the difference between them is that Comixology focuses more on graphic novels by companies such as Marvel or DC, and Webtoons features more unknown. In addition, Comixology only has some of its content free. You will have to buy the others. Webtoons has free reading, but you pay if you want the most recent chapters as soon as they are uploaded.

Happy reading!